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Everything you need to go from development to production

Multi Language

Codesphere comes with NodeJS and Python pre-installed, so you can code without spending hours configuring your environment. Codesphere also supports syntax highlighting and code completion for languages like HTML, CSS, JS, and Python.

GitHub Integration

Codesphere allows you to import your projects directly from a public GitHub repository so you can start coding right away.

Code Search

Code Search allows you to navigate across your project easily by seamlessly searching both the names and contents of all your files.

Custom Domains

Connect custom domains to your hosted apps so that you can better show your projects off to the world. Don’t have a domain? Codesphere’s default domain will still be public facing!

App Monitoring

Monitor your app's storage, processing, and memory consumption all within Codesphere's web IDE - no external tools necessary!

Environment Variables

Transition between environments without a hiccup by adding environment variables directly in Codesphere.

Multi Language
GitHub Integration
Code Search
Custom Domains
App Monitoring
Environment Variables

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Our tutorials showcase only the start of the amazing web apps, bots, and software that you can build with Codesphere.

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